Where there is an extreme threat to life HomeGUARD+plus incorporates a Heat Detection Tube which is instantly activated by heat from any ignition source, releasing exstinguishant, quickly and effectively extinguishing any fire.

HomeGUARD+plus has a patented design which allows all types of mail to be accepted and significantly improves the security of your property. Its special fire retardant, self-extinguishing fabric can also contain small fires.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials, HomeGUARD+plus can be fitted to almost any door in a matter of minutes.
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MailGUARD available in brown

HomeGUARD available in brown

Large Capacity
Accepts bulky items such as newspapers, magazines and even telephone directories.

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Effectively contains small fires

prevents liquids from entering the property and the built-in fire extinguisher is activated if it is lit.

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Prevents burglars from using the letterbox

Effectively contains fireworks and fires HomeGUARD+plus extinguishes any fire in seconds.

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Effective in protecting your post and newspapers from problem pets or young children.

Completely prevents burglars from using the letterbox to steal keys or unlock the door.

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